Our Services

Welcome Home Property Solutions is just that – a property solutions company helping people! We recognize that real estate is not a bricks and mortar business, but rather a business about people. No one situation is the same, meaning solutions are unique and extremely rewarding once we achieve a solution.


Filling Properties

Do you absolutely loathe having to find a new tenant when your current tenant gives you there 60 day notice? Advertising the property, showing the property, dealing with background checks, credit checks, etc., it takes time out of your busy schedule. What if you could hire someone to do all of that and come to you with the final applicants and work with you to make a decision that’s best for your individual needs. Well, now you can.
Let us take the stress of your hands. We excel at doing this and have had great success obtaining great tenants for our clients.


Buy, Hold & Rent
At Welcome Home Property Solutions, we believe buying and holding real estate in the long-term is an excellent way in generating long-term wealth. However, we understand that not all real estate investors want to be landlords for the long-term. What if you didn’t have to?
We offer opportunities to partner with investors who want a non-management role but simply want to benefit from the monthly cash flow, mortgage pay-down and market appreciation.


Landlord No More
“Landlord No More” is one of our newest programs where we help transition landlords who have good properties and just want out! Typically they have been a landlord for many years and now just want to either move on, or simply get out of the market.
Our program helps them transition out of the market while recouping their full investment and getting top dollar for their property. Depending on their time horizon, we can do that in as little as 3 months to 3 years, often avoiding realtor commissions.
Call us today to learn more about this exciting new program.


Property Management
Is your time more valuable to you than driving across town to deal with your rental property?
Let’s face it, we all tense up when we get a call from our tenants. What happened? What’s wrong? Well, that’s when we at Welcome Home Property Solutions spring into action. Do you really want to be dealing with a leaky faucet or noise complaints from the neighbours?
We’re real estate investors and deal with tenants on a regular basis so we understand the importance of excellent service and being great landlords.
As your property managers, we will deal with all aspects of the property managing any repairs or maintenance requests, maintain the property, pay all monthly expenses and answer all tenant inquiries. Not to mention we will present you with a monthly summary report on the property including any expenses incurred. Contact us today for a free evaluation. You’re under no obligation whatsoever.